Thursday, January 27, 2011

God is in control

In my geography class lately, we've been discussing Africa. A main point that we have been talking about are the slums and poverty in Africa. How Africa 's history has been riddled with slavery, poverty, sickness, starvation, war, etc. First off, I became really depressed because I felt that there was nothing anybody on earth could really do to alleviate their problems. Thousands of people and governments have tried and ... minimal positive results seem to be the recurring theme. I began wishing I could go down there and help out in any way I could, any way that God would lead me ... but shortly after reaching this conclusion, I was reminded of all the diseases down there, AIDS, yellow fever, malaria, plus all the killing. Needless to say, I didn't really want to go down there any more because I really didn't want to die. But then a thunderbolt hit me. If God has my days ordained for me, I won't die one second before I'm meant to. My brothers and sisters in Christ have lived with these problems their whole lives and still manage to worship God through it all. and I'm afraid of going down there and dying!? Anyways I started to wonder what hope could there be when another thunderbolt hit me. GOD IS THEIR HOPE! No matter what struggles or tribulations they face on a day by day situation, when there is little hope ... who do you turn to? in whom do you have hope? GOD! I realized that salvation is the hope! Somewhat elementary I know, but its so true and yet so simple. God can provide a joy, a purpose for living that transcends all physical nature! No matter what disease, what war, whatever, the lasting joy of a faith in God and his sacrifice for us is the hope for the future! Now, I'm writing this from my room, from a rather spacious house, in the most luxurious nation on earth and so I know that I don't have a good perspective on this. But ... just take a look at the apostles! The persecuted believers in other nations. History shouts out the names of people who faced persecution, disease, killing yet still worshiped God through it all! He is our hope, He is our salvation, He is our life and reason for living. Without Him, life is meaningless and without the hope of Christ, the world and problem of poverty does seem hopeless. While I believe that we try our best to eradicate poverty and disease, I think the answer is much greater than than that yet so much simpler. It's simple, we are all desperately searching for cures for diseases, money to relieve poverty, peace to stop the wars ... yet we've found the answer in a little book that is oddly enough in millions of homes around the world. We just haven't known where to look. Nothing new but something that God opened my eyes to today.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Now first off, I have really no clue what I am going to be writing about in the weeks ahead but we shall see what God tells me to write ... this should be interesting. Anyways, I've been thinking a lot lately about my station in life, my relationship with God, my hopes, dreams and goals for the future and I've come to realize one thing ... as a human being I am so screwed up and I am ever so glad for God's grace and forgiveness each and every day that enables me to live day in and day out. I am very thankful for those days and that he doesn't strike me dead on the spot. But I have finally come to the point where I've realized something needs to change. I've limped along for the past 17 years, trying to do my best, faking where I couldn't that  I realized ... I simply need to change ... for real. So God please help me change ... my life, my relationship with you, my relationships with others, that number when you step on a scale, and anything else that I realize needs to change for the better. Please guide my actions as I go through this process of refining and searching for you wherever I go. Learning to live simply with you at the helm ... your wind in my sails, blowing me to who knows where ... I want to learn to trust you ... so ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... heave anchor and set sail!